The EBM-OC Oceanographic Buoys designed and manufactured by MSM (MGTES Partner) are measurement units of various environmental, meteorological and oceanographic factors that may be present in the marine environment, especially indicated for both sheltered and open-sea waters.

Their floats, of high lightweight and elasticity, are made up of closedcell polyethylene foam sheet (no water absorption) and projected with a layer of coloured polyurethane elastomer. These materials provide an unsinkable character, thus preserving the equipment held.

Manufactured with high-quality and resistant materials, these buoys provide a long service life under the harshest marine conditions and a full respect to the environment in case of damages in the buoy.

Millennium Global Tech and Engineering Services in partnership with MSM has a wide selection of probes and sensors that allow to obtain meteorologic, environmental and oceanographic parameters. These sensors of high quality and performance can be installed in on-shore stations or buoys, depending on the model.

Likewise, MSM (MGTES Partner) has towers and buoys available, especially conceived to hold these measurement equipment.

These sensors use the latest technology and, connected to the METLOGGER 2000 Unit particularly designed to process and transmit data, provide the specific information in an easy and efficient way.


Millennium Global Tech and Engineering Services in partnership with MSM offers an Oceanographic Software package designed for the communication between the PC computer and remote data acquisition stations, and the management, processing and display of information coming from those stations. Data can be either meteorologic, oceanographic and/or environmental. This package runs under Windows (Xp, W7, W8) environment and consists of two main applications:

DATA RECEPTION & CONTROL SOFTWARE: Communication tool for requesting and downloading data from stations to the PC computer, and sending of commands: time setting, change of operating parameters, etc. DATA CONSULTING AND MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: Application for consulting and managing of data received from stations and stored in the PC computer by means of the previous data reception application.


The MET 3000C Radar Tide Gauge is the ideal solution for measuring, recording and transmitting tide level data, not only due to its high performance and advanced technical characteristics, but also due to its great versatility and low cost.

This unit is composed of a level sensor based on radar technology at 26 GHz. It has all necessary elements to carry out the sampling of the measuring signal, the digitalization of that signal and the data recording in its own internal memory.

Data can be sent by different vias (GPRS, radio, satellite, AIS, etc.). Information is transmitted on real time.

Thanks to its tough construction, this equipment can withstand the harshest weather conditions.


The 150-WX Compact Weather Station provides a wide variety of specific information on real time. This station offers high-accuracy specific data, allowing the user to monitor the weather conditions existing on remote locations.

It stands out for its compact construction and quantity of incorporated sensors, able to measure apparent wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, air temperature, relative humidity, dew point and wind chill temperature. With the compass and GPS, true wind speed and direction can be calculated on buoys or mobile supports.

The 150 WX Station has NMEA tracings to be directly connected to an AIS AtoN unit and transmit the message 8.